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When DOM Updates Appear to Be Asynchronous

September 29, 2020

Imagine we have some JavaScript on a page that updates an element’s contents and immediately logs those contents out: After loading the page, you’d correctly expect that “updated text” will be displayed on the screen. And when it’s exposed via that…

Why I Like Tailwind CSS

August 06, 2020

I’ve used Tailwind CSS for a few projects over the last several months, and it’s been steadily growing on me — to the point of it becoming my go-to tool for styling new projects. At the same time, I’m seeing a lot of people ask what all the hype is…

Don't Feel Bad About Using XMLHttpRequest

July 15, 2020

A while back, I began contributing to a small JavaScript library responsible for sending a POST request with some data to an endpoint. At the time, it used axios to make that request, and I wanted to simplify things by shedding a dependency. The…

As an Engineer, Write

June 01, 2020 / guest post on

A post on behalf of my team about why growing in your craft requires writing more than just code.

Why Webpacker Wouldn't Compile Assets in a Specific Environment

April 13, 2020

A while back, I started working in a Rails application in which I needed to introduce a JavaScript file that’d be compiled with Webpacker. To do so, I created the file in my directory and loaded it up via : Locally, things worked great! But once I…

Clean Up Your Redux Store Listeners When Component State Updates

March 30, 2020

I’m writing a Gutenberg block for TypeIt that’ll allow content creators to easily drop typewriter effects into WordPress. The Gutenberg infrastructure is heavily rooted in the React ecosystem, so building a block feels very much like building a React…

Streamlining Conditional Statements with Logical Operators

March 09, 2020

I’ve been seeing my preference change in how I write simple conditional statements in JavaScript. Consider the following: Back in the day, that’s how just about every “if I have this, then do this” statement looked. As complexity and context changed…

If the Democratic Presidential Candidates Were JavaScript Packages

January 19, 2020

BernieSanders.js - a helper library for making next-generation punch card programs for the browser. ElizabethWarren.js - a probability and statistics library widely used in reservation casinos. AmyKlobuchar.js - a highly opinionated alternative to…

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