• Don't Feel Bad About Using XMLHttpRequest

    A while back, I began contributing to a small JavaScript library responsible for sending a POST request with some data to an endpoint. At the time, it used axios to make that request, and I wanted to simplify things by shedding a dependency. The obvious alternative was fetch -- modern,...Read It
  • When It Makes Sense to Use a Utility Function Instead of a Polyfill

    Modern iterations of JavaScript have introduced some nice methods that make writing code a lot more legible, performant, and fun to write. Take, for example, the find() method on the Array prototype, which allows you to elegantly retrieve the first item in an array that meets some condition. Features like...Read It
  • Why Webpacker Wouldn't Compile Assets in a Specific Environment

    A while back, I started working in a Rails application in which I needed to introduce a JavaScript file that'd be compiled with Webpacker. To do so, I created the file in my packs directory and loaded it up via content\_for: Locally, things worked great! But once I deployed, integration...Read It
  • Clean Up Your Redux Store Listeners When Component State Updates

    I'm writing a Gutenberg block for TypeIt that'll allow content creators to easily drop typewriter effects into WordPress. The Gutenberg infrastructure is heavily rooted in the React ecosystem, so building a block feels very much like building a React application. One piece of this ecosystem that's new to me, however,...Read It
  • Streamlining Conditional Statements with Logical Operators

    I've been seeing my preference change in how I write simple conditional statements in JavaScript. Consider the following: Back in the day, that's how just about every "if I have this, then do this" statement looked. As complexity and context changed, I might have pivoted a bit, but for the...Read It
  • If the Democratic Presidential Candidates Were JavaScript Packages

    BernieSanders.js - a helper library for making next-generation punch card programs for the browser. ElizabethWarren.js - a probability and statistics library widely used in reservation casinos. AmyKlobuchar.js - a highly opinionated alternative to ESLint, providing harsher, more demanding errors (no warnings). JoeBiden.js - a battle-tested framework for building RPG games...Read It
  • A Plot Proposal for Frozen III

    Kristoff, seeking a career more marketable than being an iceman, enrolls in a coding bootcamp in the Southern Isles, where a bitter and vengeful Prince Hans has been forced by his brothers to maintain a legacy Backbone application. Faking a change of heart, Hans befriends Kristoff, hoping to leverage his...Read It
  • For the Sake of Your Event Listeners, Use Web Workers

    I've been tinkering with the Web Worker API lately, and as a result, I'm really feeling the guilt of not looking into this well-supported tool a lot sooner. Modern web applications are seriously upping demands on the browser's main thread, impacting performance and the ability to deliver smooth user experiences....Read It

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