• Let's Stop Making it Cool to Hate jQuery

    When I started web development, beginning a new project often felt like drowning and then being asked to write JavaScript that worked. At the time, all I needed to do was perform some DOM stuff: make an element disappear on a click, add some classes, animate a dropdown. For all...Read It
  • Build Your Own Simple Lazy Loading Functionality in WordPress

    When you're looking to incorporate any given feature into your WordPress application, there's rarely a shortage of third-party plugins out there to make it happen. But sometimes, whether you're trying to avoid the inevitable complexity an unfamiliar third-party plugin introduces, or for some other reason, you might feel called to...Read It
  • Building a Lambda Function with Netlify

    A while back, I wrote my first Lambda function with Firebase. Like every Lambda function tutorial on the web shows you how to do, mine processes a payment via Stripe when someone purchases a license for TypeIt, the most versatile JavaScript animated typing utility on the planet. The process was...Read It
  • Removing Usernames from Password Reset URLs in WooCommerce

    Securely handling personal information on the web is a pretty big deal, and one of the ways you do that is making sure none of it's sent via query string in a URL. Things like this are bad: In fact, Google has some clear policies explicitly prohibiting certain information...Read It
  • Using the Negation Pseudo-Class to Select Elements with No Class

    If you've been a developer for more than 7 minutes, you've probably felt uncomfortably pressured into doing something weird with your code, like specifically styling plain, classless, attribute-less elements. Don't ask for the details, just accept the reality of this happening sometimes. When I meet scenarios like this, by default,...Read It

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